Slow and steady wins the race? Wait! What?

Honestly speaking above phrase is completely wrong in today’s world where the whole thing is primarily based on how fast you do your work. When we are talking about computer systems and laptops, speed is everything. These technologies have been born for this purpose; to do the work quickly.

Marking one reason for the slow operation of laptops could be very foolish. There are a variety of reasons for the slowing down of laptops and PCs, a number of these are indexed below;


Malware is the leading reason of the slowing down of the laptops and PCs; either it’s far a virus, Trojan or spyware. All those have distinctive characteristics that classify them, but we will call them as malware that is highly undesirable for any of the operating system.

“These days, viruses most usually install a malicious program that runs advertisements randomly, which is an easy way to generate money for its creator”, Schoeffler says.

The first step towards protection is the setup of some anti-malware. Windows and Linux users have an anti-malware app that run the scanning system both within the heritage and on call for. For Mac users, the application with the on-call for scanning may be extra suitable.

Having only one anti-malware application is sufficient for all kind of devices. Running too many scanning’s within the background can also cause a slow running laptop.

“Virus scans slow down the works because they’re running within the history”, Silverman says.


When we download new programs and applications, they try to discover their way and make place inside the startup menu. We by no means know how many programs start running as soon as the laptop or computer start up. This causes the slowing down of the laptops and badly affects its overall performance.

“The most common reason of a slow computer is just too many startup programs,” says Aaron Schoeffler, laptop repair doctor at LaptopMd. “90 percent of programs want that permission to begin when your laptop starts so that you’ll use them, and which could bring about a boot time of five to ten minutes. When it in the end does start, a ton of applications are already running inside the background and if you’re not using a newer computer, that may slow it down.”


“A hard drive nearing give up of its lifespan is a common issue. Hard drives are made from moving components that spin hundreds of times a day and that they do wear down,” says Schoeffler “Generally, after two to three years of consistent use, there’s a high risk that a hard drive is failing.”

The solid-state; drive on the opposite hand; do no longer revel in the same type of degradation. These have a life span of about 8 to ten years. But SSDs are very expensive per gigabyte of storage.

“SSD are also ten time quicker and fater than a standard hard drive, and you’re looking at going from a boot time of 3 to five minutes to 15-20 seconds,” Schoeffler says.

So, hard drive failure also marks as one of the motives for the slowing down of laptops and computers.


Based on statistics, your laptop performance is bogged down to 50% when the storage is 95% full.

“At this point, there’s no space to save the temporary files required for running programs, so it’s as if the operating system doesn’t know the way to run properly anymore,” Schoeffler says.

Hard drive space is taken up with the aid of the applications installed, their updates, trash documents, downloads etc. Try deleting up the trash files and uninstall the applications you do not use or it gets downloaded itself.


Browser extensions may additionally enhance your web browsing experience however it eats up the fats performance of your operating system. Some add-ons may also proclaim to be popup blockers however they actually might be the browser adware to sluggish down the operating of your pc.


One can likely work on two to three programs on a pc at a time. Do you really have to preserve all those programs running on your laptop or computer even when you are not running those? More applications running in the background are very harmful not only to the performance of the PC however additionally eats up the RAM and disk space.

This also refers back to the use of a variety of web browsing tabs opened in a browser at a time. Try closing the vain tabs to protect your work from being delayed. This is the quick time period option to this problem at hand.

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