How to use whats app on laptop without phone?

Basically whatsapp was made to use on Mobile only with the help of phone number. But now it is also possible to use it on laptop without using mobile. With the help of phone number you can easily use whatsapp. But nowadays it is possible also in laptop or PC.


There are different methods of using whatsapp on laptop or on PC. These methods have their own benefits.

  1. Here we use ANDROID SDK, with the help of android SDK installing and setting up the android SDK, it takes time and need good resources in your laptop.
  2. Secondly it needs android emulators in your laptop like BLUESTACKS or any other emulators that are made for running whats app on your laptop. We cannot recommend this kind of programs because we cannot try any of these programs.
  3. We also have third party software or programs, which help you to run whats app on your laptop. That allows you to run android apps and whatsapp on your laptop.
  4. We also use the web to run whatapp on your laptop or PC. Using web version of whatsapp is the best way to run whatsapp on laptop.
  5. In whatsapp web you must have a smartphone which need an active whatsapp Account to be run on it.

We can say that whtasapp web is not an independent software or stand-alone application, this method only manages to show your Mobile whatsapp Account on your laptop screen.

So, in this method we use an Android Emulator which is known as BLUESTACK, which independently run your WhatsApp account on your laptop.


As we know that BLUESTACKS make laptop like your mobile Phone environment, which helps in using different Android Apps such as WhatsApp on your laptop.

So, for this purpose first we need to download the BLUESTACKS on your Emulator and then install it in your laptop. Now you have to download whatsapp on your laptop.

  1. First of all you need to open Chrome or any browser on your laptop and go to the link of bluestakes.
  2. When you enter in BLUESTACKS page, click on download BLUESTACKS to download in your laptop.
  3. After this process, click on the downloaded file to install the BLUESTACKS in your laptop.
  4. Now you have a dialogue box for installation, follow the instructions of the software and once it complete the installation of BLUESTACKS, then open the BLUESTACKS. Which will able you to see the list of all popular apps including whatsapp.
  5. If you cannot find the WHATSAPP on BLUESTACKS then you have to search it in search bar of BLUESTACKS.
  6. When you install the WHATSAPP, open the WHATSAPP by clicking on whatsApp icon in laptop.
  7. Then follow the onscreen instructions of whatsApp.
  8. It needs mobile phone number for confirmation.
  9. Once you enter a mobile number, you will receive a verification code from whatsApp.
  10. Copy your code and enter in your whatsapp which you have already opened in your laptop.
  11. If your code is wrong and you will not be able to open the whatsApp, then click on CALL ME option and accept the call from whatsApp on your mobile phone, they will give you a verification code.
  12. Note down that code and enter that code in your whatsApp pop-up option.
  13. After this, you will use your whatsApp account on your laptop, without using mobile phone.
  14. This process give you a full version of whatsApp, which will help you in using whatsApp without Mobile phone or SIM.

Follow the all instructions and use whatsApp on your laptop without mobile phone.

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