10 Best Laptops for Mechanical Engineering Students In 2021

The market is full of the best laptops for mechanical engineering students, and it isn’t easy to choose the best one in a huge crowd. So in this critical situation, we are here with the most demanding models. These models have a powerful processor, a good amount of RAM, a dedicated graphic card, excellent storage, enough battery life, and much more.

In addition to this, now the mechanical engineering demands complex designs, machines, and equipment. So the laptop should be highly efficient.  However, we also have a tip for you. Get a laptop that can run computer-aided design and manufacturing software. It is because this type of laptop offers high-quality performance.  In this regard, this shortlisted product will fulfill your needs. So, have little confidence while reading the below-mentioned list if you are planning to have the best laptop.

List of 10 best Laptops for Mechanical Engineering Students


  • Processor: Core i5 3320m 2.6ghz.
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3.
  • Hard Disk: 128GB SSD.
  • Display: 14 Inches.

  • Processor: AMD Dual-Core A4-9120E.
  • Hard Disk: 64GB eMMC.
  • Display: 14 Inches WLED-backlit.

  • Processor: MediaTek MT8173C.
  • RAM: 4GB LPDDR3.
  • Hard Disk: 64GB eMMC.
  • Display: 11.6 Inches HD (1366 x 768) IPS.

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U.
  • RAM: 4GB DDR4.
  • Hard Disk: 128GB SSD.
  • Display: 15.6 Inches Full HD IPS.

  • Processor: Intel Celeron Dual Core CPU.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Hard Disk: 64GB SSD.
  • Display: 11.6 Inches.

  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3350.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Hard Disk: 64GB eMMC.
  • Display: 11.6 Inches HD Touchscreen.

  • Processor: Intel Core i5.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Hard Disk: 128GB SSD.
  • Display: 13.5 Inches Touch-Screen.

  • Processor: 8th Gen Intel Core I5-8265U.
  • RAM: 8GB LPDDR3.
  • Hard Disk: 512GB PCIe SSD.
  • Display: 13.3 Inches Full HD Wideview.

  • Processor: Core i5 CPU.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Hard Disk: 128GB SSD.
  • Display: 13 Inches.

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-4900MQ 3.8Ghz.
  • RAM: 16GB.
  • Hard Disk: 500GB HDD.
  • Display: 15.6 Inches.


1: Best For College Students: HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop

OUR MOST RECOMMENDED laptop is the HP EliteBook 8470p laptop, which is trying to build success with advanced models. It creates additional functions on a laptop.

The HP Elitebook 8470p laptops design with 14-inch anti-glare HD devices, which have excellent features with 35.6 cm diagonal measurement.

Moreover, the best laptops for mechanical engineering students Elitebook have amazing stability with the used material of aluminum and magnesium. Also, the EliteBook is very convincing in the term of process work with strength.

Furthermore, the EliteBook design brings different advantages with extra space. It has four USB port systems that help to run standard USB 3.0.

As well as the best laptops for mechanical engineering students laptop has great connectivity also with gigabit network connection with integrated wired intel 82579lm.

Other than that, Elitebook 8470p has a function of Bluetooth 4.0+EDR and WLAN that is used for high-level. Also, the WLAN receiver is an excellent comparison with other devices.

Apart from this, the best laptops for mechanical engineering students are the definite device also reliable the option of an internet connection with UMTS. Elitebook hp has given great features to 8470p to protect sensitive data.

Additionally, the EliteBook has advanced functions with a BIOS password and fingerprint scanner. The laptop has a tradition card reader. As well as, the EliteBook gives top-level software for security systems.

Besides this, the best laptops for mechanical engineering students provide more opportunities, unlike other models that can manage different security systems more efficiently.

More than that, the other manager system protects specific functions such as websites via a password, recognitions, and PIN entry from authorized entry.

We Like
  • Solid performance
  • Easy to understand
  • Additional feature
We Don't Like
  • Dismal battery life


2: Best for Affordability: HP Stream 14-inch Laptop

Our extremely recommended HD stream 14-inch laptop has ultimately become the choice of many users and experts. This laptop has modern features and smooth-running technology.

In the beginning, a branded laptop is available in the worldwide range. The highly recognized manufacturers are available in its domain. We can trust this full-featured laptop without any doubt in mind.

Additionally, the best laptops for word processing and the internet make our expectations on a high level. Also, the HD stream is well-familiar for producing excellent design and multi-functional.

As well as, the most elegant and professional HD laptop will entertain you with its dazzling storage package and with high graphical power.

Other than that, the laptop is on the first choice we can convince you that if you are on a lower budget to purchase the best smart notebook. Then it is very suitable for you.

Furthermore, the best laptops for mechanical engineering students come up with high-quality battery life.

Without any doubt, the HD stream idea layout you revolutionary innovation ideas with an advanced Intel processor, which chare-up your activities without any hassle. Also, it has superior RAM and eMMC storage and Window 10 for the operating system.

However, we will surprise to see personal installed the office 365 for 1 year to take a step into the latest digital world.

We Like
  • Productivity is good
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight
We Don't Like
  • The keyboard is not good
  • It becomes hot with time


3: Best For Portability: Lenovo Chromebook C330

Our second top-rating laptop is very demanding amongst the viewers. It is the top of the choice of students.

Firstly, Lenovo Chromebook lunch with an HDMI sport. So, we don’t need to use the USB for an external monitor. It gives us a surprise with a colorful IPS touch screen.

About it, the best laptop for engineering offers us an ARM chip with two 2.1 GHz and two 1.7 GHz cores. Also, it includes 4GB of RAM and a unique technical processor

As well as the Chromebook is constructed with silver plastic and a black keyboard. Also, it has gained black bezels amongst the display.

Other than that, the Lenovo laptop holds the USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI. As well as, it has an SB card for more storage. The system comes with drive cloud storage for 2 years with 100GB.

Furthermore, the display screen is much more pleasing, and it has low resolution. And laptop provides a well-balanced brightness control system.

In addition to that, the keyboard is one of the C330’s best features, and accesses us with familiar Chromebook pattern. So, it gives volume keys, key instead of caps lock.

Besides this, the best laptops for mechanical engineering students release for us a comfortable key function. We will don’t feel any trouble while writing on it. It also makes functional keys in a unique style.

Apart from this, it will convince you with its features. Chromebook has capable of controlling web surfing, emailing, and productivity work.

Ultimately, the best laptop of Lenovo gives 11-hour to playback indicates, and you will face no trouble through an average workday.

We Like
  • Low price
  • Better than expected IPS screen
  • SD storage
  • USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI ports
We Don't Like
  • Jumbo screen bezel
  • Subpar sound
  • The keyboard isn’t backlit


4: Best Performance: Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Acer aspires 5 slim laptop is famous due to its lightweight functions and plastic chassis. It can be united with a fair amount. And it is barely possible to opening the one-handed laptop.

With a start, the best laptops for mechanical engineering students provide slim laptop excess material gives a 15-inch laptop is well-built with clearance.

Furthermore, the laptop quality full of high-definition and with the bigger sized screen. And it offers a professional, great working experience.

At the same time, the slim laptop is surely lightweight and so highly portable to convince us. Also, Acer is one of the first-rate companies that has equipped its upgraded intel processor laptops.

Besides this, amongst several brands, the Acer is the one who starts selling. They aspire 5 series laptops with power bt 8th intel core. The laptop is well furnished and all-rounder to define it in one word.

In addition to that, the best laptops for engineering students arrive at a budget-friendly, just to break our assumption about its expensiveness. The slim and light laptop Acer is about 15.6 inches.

Moreover, we will find it supper smart in terms of internal components and hardware. So, it is excellent to explain in every detail.

In this definition, we define every feature of the laptop in detail and tries to present a flow about the Acer laptop

We Like
  • Portable
  • Perfect in look
  • The mic is high quality
  • Color and brightness
We Don't Like
  • Not good for high-end games
  • No backlit keyboard
  • Slow with internet


5: Thin & Light Laptop: ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop

Our most elegant and demandable ausu always gets in its budget line. The plastic color fold is looking great, and it is much better than our expectations of low price with an 11-inch laptop.

Firstly, the best laptops for engineering students the laptop is pretty comfortable for students, and its less weight in measurement.

Moreover, the laptop has a non-touch panel, and it has HD frequency, which is very high among the budget laptops, also if you are planning to work on the editing website layout.

Other than that, a cheap laptop for Microsoft office has good selection ports, also, the panel-hold the connector and HDMI port. As well as, it allows a USB 3.0 port, an SD card reader, and a USB-C port.

Furthermore, it offers us multiple wireless functions with Bluetooth and wi-fi, which is very better to find on any inexpensive laptop.

In addition to that, the Asus vivobook has a stylish keyboard with backlighting at a very reasonable price. In it, we will see the backlit keyboard, which is essentially comfortable to use.

However, the ausu laptop makes the system faster all round, and it is capable of doing everyday tasks promptly.

Also, the best laptop provides us battery lasts with 5 hours 21 minutes, is enough to spend the whole day working on it.

We Like
  • Very inexpensive
  • Nice-looking
  • Portable design
  • USB-C port
We Don't Like
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • VGA webcam


6: ASUS VivoBook Flip Thin and Light 2-in-1

From the start pointwe are with the most recommended Asus vivobook flip, which is a very budget convertible. The laptop create in very specific creation, it is made from corner thin and flat. Also, the vivobook is design with a natural thick aluminum sheet.

Moreover, this laptop comes with a Core processor and eMMC flash storage. We can purchase this well-balanced laptop at a very fair price. This vivobook flip makes it smart, awarding your budget price.

Apart from this, there is good news about this component of pairing flip 14. It can run a full day and deliver enough power with window 10 very smoothly.

Furthermore, the best laptop for mechanical engineering students grand us keyboard with a new orbit style and with plain corners. With this, the shape of the system looks cool, and it never feels awkward like other larger-screen.

Besides this, the touchpad of the laptop feels it responsive and has a smooth surface to easy swiping. Also, the laptop has a different function with a fingerprint system, which is set on the left corner of the laptop.

As well as, the laptop takes a 14-inch full HD touch screen looks, and it set the system to window 10 at 150 percent, which makes specific icons large make feel the desktop tiny.

Ultimately, the best laptop in 2021 gets a full-size SD card. Also, it has the system of the power button and volume rocker.

Also, Asus vivobook flip is a test configuration with features of intel core, which is 1GHz and has a dual-core processor.

We Like
  • Sleek aluminum look
  • Excellent battery time
  • Operates in fanless silence
We Don't Like
  • Next to nil storage space
  • Limited performance
  • No keyboard backlighting


7: Best For Everyone: Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Our top-selling and highly budget full micro full surface has come with an ultraportable laptop. It focuses on comfort and portability with the most amazing features.

The top point, the best model of laptop, is provided us a 13.5-inch touch screen and an intel core i7 processor. Also, the best laptop for Microsoft office offers us a lot of different screen colors, which looks very stylish. Again, we can buy this laptop with a new size.

Other than that, the surface laptop is excellent for everyone. It creates surprising features and construction with a lightweight body. It is the same in weight like others but never loses the abilities of different functions.

Moreover, laptops for mechanical engineering installed the best buying product. So, many people take it in the office and feel comfortable with the new trendy laptop. They easily use in one the table because its quality is very important.

Furthermore, the surface laptop will surprise with unique functions. It has advanced technology with 1.3mm lavish and makes full space keys. We can buy laptop more comfortable than the extraordinarily simplistic keyboard.

Apart from this, the laptop has lunched us a touch display. Also, the average laptops have a minimum screen ratio that makes it reasonable.

We Like
  • Comfortable keyboard and touchpad
  • Excellent display quality
  • Long battery life
  • Multiple colors
We Don't Like
  • No fingerprint reader
  • Could use a few more ports


8: Best with Quad Core Intel i5: ASUS ZenBook 13

The ausu zenbook 13 is a great, thin, and compact laptop with a great performance in its price range. It is best for students and professionals for their work.

At first, the best laptops for engineering students ausu the zenbook 13 offers great performance and gives long-life battery time for a very good price.

Moreover, the zenbook 13 create a new era of ultraportable design, with a new compact. Also, the zenbook 13 measures camera side, thin size, and bottom size with different averages.

Other than that, the laptop gives creativity of a great screen 13-inch and clear, high-resolution display. Its keyboard creates an engineering masterpiece because it is looking very comfortable for typing.

Furthermore, this Asus laptop is featuring the latest and best intel core processor with high quality and high-performance components. Asus zenbook 13 will never disappoint you from its functions.

Besides this, the Asus zenbook 13 is equipped with wi-fi, Bluetooth, and master technology. So we can surely enjoy ultrafast speed using laptops and smooth streaming.

Apart from it, when the number-pad activates, the touchpad keeps its indicator function. This laptop provides us sonic master audio with advanced technology.

From another part, the ausu zenbook 13 specs publish with an intel core i5 processor with an intel, 8GB of RAM, and gives HD display quality.

We Like
  • Premium design
  • Solid performance
  • Great battery life
We Don't Like
  • Dim display
  • Keyboard a bit cramped


9: Best Value For Money: Apple 13 MacBook Air Core

MacBook air is the great and finest and lightest laptop from Apple. It is available in different beautiful colors with space grey. The MacBook air take positive responses with the greatest touch, which is made with 100% recycled aluminum.

At the start, the best laptops for mechanical engineering students can 100% take excellent full-day battery life. Also, it has a latest-generation keyboard with a soft-touch track-pad touch ID.

Moreover, the apple 13″ MacBook air core, the iconic laptop, has to pick great several compliments about the laptop and keyboard. Also, it has space bars, which are simply two spaces with single-clicking.

Besides this, the best laptops for mechanical engineering 2021, the latest model of MacBook, has a green compact with a thin edge.

Furthermore, the laptop has an entirely attractive display with high coverage of 2560×1600 and 4 million pixels, which present the focus and reliable presentation.

As well as it has forty-eight tradition colors in decent models. And the display has a fifty% thinner excellent border panel.

Apart from this, the best laptop for mechanical engineering students have an incredible sensor that takes your private data safe. The IP does not only have a process to unlock your MacBook also is used to protect your documents and another setting.

Besides this, the unique MacBook air has 2x bass, which provides a full sound with high range results in 25% more volume than other models.

Other than that, the best laptops for mechanical engineering students, the new MacBook arrives with some necessary apps such as safari, page numbers, keynote, calendar, app, video editing application, music production, video messaging, and so on.

We Like
  • High-resolution
  • Touch ID authenticated
  • Battery timing
We Don't Like
  • No MagSafe power


10: Dell M4800 15.6

Dell M4800 has maintained its top position in workstation top-ranking with extremely high expectations. The dell m4800 15.6 has a high-resolution HD+ screen that offers an especially big desktop.

Moreover, the best laptops for mechanical engineering students Reddit have almost 16 GB of working memory with a large 500 GB HDD.

Furthermore, dell m4800 is well-built for a new generation; the applied functions still make an excellent impression. It has a modification. The laptop has the quality of the Ultra power system.

As well as the best laptop for mechanical engineering students, it has the USB 3.0 converter with a simple sport optical drive design with the space-saving slim-line format with the best slot machines.

Other than that, it has three major possibilities for connection premium monitors, which are VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI. Also, it has Bluetooth 4.0 installed with wireless communication.

Besides this, the best laptop for mechanical engineering students it has a system of three antennas, one of these is for the Bluetooth module. Also, it has a power connection of wi-fi, and we will never face any connection issue.

Additionally, the internet WWAN laptop is not available for mobile because of its high potency coverage. But ye antenna cable and slot are single. There will be an offer for insert mSATA SSD here.

Other than that, the best laptops for mechanical engineering students dell has capable of gigabit LAN port is installed for cable network connection with an HD webcam for video calling tasks.

We Like
  • Quite speedy
  • Battery life
  • SSD storage
We Don't Like
  • Little bit noisy


Buying Guide

We have selected for you the best laptop for mechanical engineering students. Also, we are high-light all their functions and qualities. All these products which are chosen for you are 100% testified. Also, all these laptops which are mentioned are truly at top-selection and well-demanding all over the world.

However, these laptops have some specification qualities which will never reusable when you are choosing to buy a laptop. We want to describe them for your easiness. If you follow the instruction below in these buying guides, we assure you that you will never feel disappointed in using it.

Storage space

These laptops have at least up to 500 GB of storage space. This space will allow enough for your laptop life service. There is a reason why you need more than 500 GB of storage space, and that is if you were deciding to create any catty than they will take a lot of room.

So, you must have up to 500 GB of storage space for this purpose as well as your hard device will also have a solid-state because it has no more moving parts for this purpose room than it should do work faster.

Powerful RAM

The next thing which you are going to need is RAM. So, if you think of having to go with computations with a lot of data material such as cutting programs, then you must need more RAM.

As well as if you decided to run with a lot of stuff while taking some time and you want to surf with any web. Also, it wants to render the video and work with Excel all on at a time. Then RAM on the first number that you have must.

Fast CPU

The third one that you have to need is a fast CPU with CORE i5. It will be very necessary if you are going to work with any programs like MATLAB, SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS, etc.

Dedicated graphics

The fourth thing you have to need is a dedicated graphics card. Suppose you want to do work with any 3d-rendering or 3d printing, which is done with ANSYS or SolidWorks or anything else. Then you must have to need a dedicated card.

Window operating system

The fifth and most important function is the Windows operating system. Everything is connected with these programs, which are only compatible with a Windows operating system. So, when you have to need some of them, then you should have to partition with a hard drive disk because it is compulsory for MAC and other different operating systems.

Moreover, the window has a lot of new versions. You should install it over time for better processing for your laptop.


The six things that you should need is a lightweight compact. This is the important thing to most care about, at least. If you want to carry it for regular daily use, then you should focus on the lightweight material because it is an important element. If you take a heavy laptop, then you are in terrible problem. So, these laptops have well-features as well as have a lightweight machine.


The seven one is about laptop features. It has the most advance and unique system for working on the best laptop. It especially creates additional features to provide you the best technique.

Keyboard and touchpad

On the eight-point, it is the most impressive thing on the laptop. If you are going to work a lot on your laptop or computer, then make sure that you’re your keyboard has solid feedback, plenty of key travel, and has enough space between the keys. As well as, if you are going to purchase a Windows laptop, then be assured that it has a precision touchpad drive service.

Also, find an accurate touchpad that will not give you a jumpy cursor and slow in response and have consistently multitouch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom.

Furthermore, if you want to buy a business laptop, then take a pointing stick with it between the G and H keys. So, you can easily get around the desktop without lifting your fingers from the row keyword’s home.

Battery life

The last one about battery life, if you want to buy a notebook or a gaming rig, then you don’t have to worry about the battery timing. It depends on your work routine, which will be manageable with battery life. If you use it properly, then the laptop will serve you for 5 hours.


The Powerful Laptop Is Essential For Engineering?

It is not necessarily a simple laptop for the working process in 100% fine. Most schools, colleges, and universities have proper engineering computers in their labs. If you want to do 3D modeling, it is excellent to have the ability to take anything and everything on your laptop.

Which Software Is The Best For Engineering?

There is some very important software which makes your laptop smooth. Mathcad is one of the best software which is very useful for mechanical engineering. Other these are the computer-aided design software, Microsoft excel, python, MatLab, and visual basic for application software.

How Much Is RAM Compulsory For Engineering?

At least you need 16 GB of RAM if you are an engineering student. However, the engineering designers should get CAD/CAM work that requires at least 8 GB RAM. You can also take a higher RAM. By adding the additional RAM, it will take the long durability of your laptop or computer life.

Can Engineers Use Mac Or Window?

A MAC is fine for simple purpose usage, but it will not benefit and a good choice if you want a computer that can run with engineering-specific software. You have to work with basic Microsoft Windows in your Macintosh if you’re going to work well with Window-based engineering software.

Is Chromebooks Is Good For An Engineering Student?

The Chromebook is good for engineering with different sectors, which are Asus Chromebook c100pa-db02. As well as the Chromebook flip convertible 2 in 1 is on the top of the list for engineering students because it is incredibly portable.

The Bottom Line 

Here we remark some of the best laptop for mechanical engineering students. These products we have chosen are top-ranking and demanding. Many professional business people are also must prefer these best laptops for mechanical engineering students.

Also, these products will provide you great satisfaction as well as save your time.

Lastly, after reviewing, every little function information, if you still have confusion regarding these products, so don’t have to worry just feel free for discussions. You can use the comment section for this purpose. Also, it will be a great honor for us if you share your own experience with us.

Thank you for visiting us!

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