5 Best Laptops for Drawing In 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Unleash your creativity with these best laptops for drawing. These models let you replicate the feeling of drawing, sketching, and painting the way you want. These also eliminate your overwhelming by providing smooth performance for drawing to create your ideas with full potential.

Over a couple of decades, the drawing is increasingly popular on laptops. Now artists, amateur, and professional graphic designers prefer to draw on a laptop that forms their imaginations as they ever had a dream before.

That’s why we have come with the best laptops for drawing by considering all needs in mind of artists, animators, illustrators, painters, etc. these laptops provide the best specifications and smooth performance for the price.

However, some laptops, for increased comfort, come with a stylus pen. It is used as an input tool directly on the laptop’s screen. Using it, you can draw, paint, sketch without any hassle. Indeed, it makes drawing easier for all of us.

Don’t get bored. Let’s choose the best model that helps you create your drawing without taking your so much time or money. Let’s deep dive to starts the review on the best laptops for drawing.

List of the 5 Best Laptops for Drawing


  • Processor: 7th generation Intel Core i5.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Hard Disk: 256GB SSD.
  • Display: 12.3 Inches.

  • Processor: Intel 8th Generation i7.
  • RAM: 16GB.
  • Hard Disk: 512GB SSD.
  • Display: 15 Inches.

  • Processor: 8th Gen Intel i7-8550U.
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4.
  • Hard Disk: 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD.
  • Display: 13.3 Inches.

  • Processor: Intel Core i5.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Hard Disk: 128GB SSD.
  • Display: 14 Inches.

  • Processor: 8Th-generation quad-core Intel Core i5.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Hard Disk: 256GB SSD.
  • Display: 13 Inches.


1: Microsoft Surface Pro

Our first choice for the best laptop for drawing and animation is Microsoft Surface Pro. It is designed to withstand when you have multiple tasks. As a concern with digital art, it has no exception.

This model is offering three modes so you can get the best drawing experience. It includes a laptop mode, a studio mode, and a tablet mode.

There is no doubt that Microsoft has been produced the best products. This model is exceptional both for performance and price.

The first demand of artists is a graphic display for a laptop. This model has an attractive touchscreen at the resolution of 2736 x 1824. Its touchscreen is improved so you can get the best experience.

The most notable feature which speaks loudly is its Alcantara exterior. Unlike its previous versions, it has rounded edges with an improved hinge angle.

It is boosted with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD. This range of RAM and ROM is perfect for essential to above-average works.

There is loaded a GPU of Intel Tris and HD graphics. For increased performance, it is allowing the 7th Gen of Core i5 CPU. Like other high-end laptops, it ensures you to smoothly get the performance.

Out of having blast features, the laptop wins a portability contest. It is lightweight and easy to carry. The slimmest design looks incredibly attractive.

Moreover, it has a Surface pen that is more sensitive to pressure. This feature makes illustrators happy.

The keyboard is ergonomic. It accommodates both styled and comfortable for typing. It ensures you can get the best typing experience with possible convenience.

Additionally, there are lots of connectivity ports available. It includes USB 3.0 Port, a mini DisplayPort, a headphone jack, and a micro SDXC card reader.

The features are not to be done because of the battery life. It is offering 20% of larger battery timings as compared to other modes. On a single charge, it runs up to 13.5 hours.

Overall, from design to performance, the Microsoft Surface Pro is the most versatile laptop in the global market.

We Like
  • Improved performance
  • Great battery life
  • High specs
  • Stunning display
  • Valued for the price

We Don't Like
  • The surface pen is sold separately


2: Samsung Notebook 9 Pen 15

Our next approach to the best laptops for drawing is the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen 15”. It comes with mesmerizing specifications. This model is one of the Samsung magnificent leaps.

It is providing better portability with the advent of notebooks. This feature supports not only the artist and their related field but also gamers.

Let’s start with its design. It comes with a balanced attraction and simplicity. This brand focuses on the simple yet iconic design as well as configuration.

The frame design is made of aluminum with sturdy details. It has a luxury wrapped of 2-in-1. It can also be rotatable up to 360 degrees. Indeed, it increases the productivity of sketching, drawing, gaming, doodling, editing, and so on.

As compared to its robust feature with its price, it justifies more than 100%. It is featuring with Intel Core i7 with 1.8 GHz clock speed. Due to enough powerful clock speed, it makes essential work effortless.

Without unwelcome interruptions, it is most suitable for drawing purposes. This feature makes it more unique as well as sturdy, so it can’t be lag.

Other than that, it is integrated with 15” FHD LED at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p. It makes drawing more convenient for novice users.

When going to talk about its memory and Storage, it will be pleased you. It offers 16 GB of RAM to get your job done efficiently. With 512 GB of SSD, it gives you the power and agility to be productive.

Thanks to its battery life, on a single charge, it runs up to 15 hours. There is no way that you can stay while drawing. It never stops your productivity, so that you will get one of the best laptops for drawing.

Out of the most amazing features, it comes with S Pen. The best thing is that it is ultra-precise. It means that you will not face any battery issues.

For increased performance, this input pen comes with three interchangeable tips. Due to these tips, you can quickly draw, sketch, or paint what you feel with different textures.

Moreover, the 15-inch display is enough to showcase your creativity. The touchscreen is offering vibrant and immersive colors so you can let your drawing experience like never before.

What’s more? It best laptops for drawing offering excellent keyboard experience with key-travel distance. Also, it is a highly responsive fingerprint sensor that offers excellent security and lets you stay away from the mess of typing when unlocking it.

Furthermore, there are lots of ports connections available. It includes Thunderbolt 3 port, 2 USB 3 ports, and 1 USB port. Not only that, but it is also offering an HDMI port, an SD card reader, and headphone jack.

We Like
  • Impressive GPU
  • Smooth performance
  • Excellent battery
  • Lightweight design
  • S pen is included

We Don't Like
  • The keyboard is not yet comfy


3: Newest HP Spectre x360-13 Q

Next up, we have the Newest HP Spectre x360-13 Q. this laptop comes from the most reliable brand with the ability to withstand in all environments.

This brand comes with a vast collection of laptops with premium quality. Among them, it is the best one yet. It serves your requirements related to drawing very effectively.

The most prominent thing by looking is, its square-cut. It is quite noticeable at first glance. In addition to that, it has an aluminum base. This feature added extra durability.

It has a convertible design with a 360-degree hinge that serves it as a tablet mode. With premium construction, it lets you get a class finish.

Additionally, it weighs 2.7 pounds. This feature makes it light yet portable. With a bunch of port connections, it lets you utilize a USN 2.0 port, two thunderbolt ports, 3 USB 3.0 ports, and an audio jack.

While for increasing performance, it is also offering a fingerprint reader. It is including an Intel Core i7 processor with 4 GHz of speed. It is upgraded with quad-core CPU, which provides breezing performance.

Additionally, there is an integrated Intel UltraHD Graphics 620. This feature is also bets for drawing, painting as well as doodling.

Moreover, it offers 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD so you can do your work without any lag while multitasking.

For increased stability, it offers a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 p. It provides a full HD touchscreen, which increases productivity.

Besides that, there is including flawless keyboard. It offers incredible typing experience with an enhanced key-travel as well as impressive saving. In addition to that, it has a smooth to use the touchpad with responsive gestures.

When it comes to battery life, it runs up to 14 hours. It is the most significant improvement in the HP series with such a more prominent life span of a battery.

Moreover, from design to performance, this laptop is a remarkable choice for the best laptops for drawing available on the market.

Overall, it offers excellent innovation, which brings the best of all words’ features in a drawing. Indeed, it has smart technology and sleek design.

We Like
  • Outstanding speed
  • Great battery life
  • Super efficient RAM
  • Fingerprint reader

We Don't Like
  • Limited viewing angle
  • Wider touchpad


4: Lenovo Flex 5 14 Laptop

The Lenovo Flex 5 14” Laptop might not budget-friendly model for you, but it has high-end specifications. It comes with a high-end display, a dream for many artists, either novice or pro.

There are lots of keen features and specifications offered. With the high graphics display and smooth performance, it ensures you get a higher level of experience.

This model is the most suitable choice for digital art and graphics for either beginner or not. With the modern yet iconic look, it provides dynamic 14” of full HD display.

It is also offering touchscreen at 360 degrees screen flip over. There is a display that provides high-quality graphics along with the best viewing angles.

With a core-i5 processor, it is offering a clock speed of 2.5 GHz. It is configured with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD. It lets you enjoy with Intel HD 620 graphics card. This feature ensures that you will get unbeatable performance.

Besides that, it lets you play massive games without a system hang up. Due to intriguing performance, you will get a smooth experience never like before.

Moreover, it provides a fingerprint reader that helps you to unlock the screen without messing up with your finger. Just touch it, and it will be unlocking without password typing.

However, it comes with 3.5 pounds, which makes it extremely easy to carry. Like high-end convertible laptops, it is also let you get the best experience, so you don’t feel a burden on your shoulder.

Last but not least, battery life is also above your expectations. It lets you run your favorite programs up to 10 hours without lagging.

We Like
  • Touch screen display
  • Vivid colors
  • Provides security
  • High memory

We Don't Like
  • The display could be improved


5: Apple Macbook Pro

Last but not least, we have the Apple Macbook Pro. It is designed to provide next-level specifications for artists as well as graphic designers.

Its touchscreen provides a great experience. Indeed, it is an excellent replacement both for the function keys and touch bar. With a decent design, it grabs everyone’s attention quickly.

Out of its amazing features, the Mackbook comes with a locking mechanism. There are so many tools that welcome you might not need during your program, as well as tasks.

Another best feature is that it takes away effortlessly. There are so many options, as well as controls. Unlike other models, this Macbook has no exception. It doesn’t lag and stays as you want with the utmost performance level.

Although it is expensive, you will worth it for your money. With the Radeon Pro 560 Graphics card, it provides excellent sketching for your projects.

When it comes to memory, it has 16 GB of RAM as well as 512 GB of SSD. It lets you run heavy applications without any lag.

There are sleek chassis that adds up to the ambiance paired with a 15-inch retina display. Not only that, but it also has an excellent construction that outshines your drawing.

Moreover, the Macbook offers lots of ports connections. There is a thunderbolt 3X4 port so you can get a fast transmission speed. With a lot of connections, it provides the most convenience for up to 10 hours.

Besides that, there is no doubt when it comes to Apple products. They are the most reliable and remarkable ones. This model is one of those who are giving beyond your expectations.

To sum up, this best laptops for drawing offer higher specifications for the price that you ever dream of laptop drawing 2020.

We Like
  • Higher speed
  • Stunning display
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry

We Don't Like
  • None




Buying Guide

Before you make a purchase, you should make sure that the selected laptop is according to your needs. If it is not, your bucks will not be worthwhile. Therefore, you have to consider those factors which make your bangs for the bucks.

Let’s dive into what feature you need to consider to choose one of the best laptops for drawing.


When it comes to drawing, the display is the most crucial aspect. However, the display has three parts to consider. It includes display type, screen resolution, and screen size. So you have to select the best display which boils down to what you want the laptop for.

For example, if you want a laptop for drawing, it should have a better and more prominent display between 12 to 15 inches to get the utmost level of experience.

But it should be noted that the bigger size is less portable. So you should consider all the needs concerning three aspects as mentioned.

Display Resolution 

Next up, the number of pixels that made an image on the screen is known as the resolution of the display. The core reality is that the more pixels you have, the better display you would be getting.

The higher resolution of pixels also lets you experience better content on the screen. It is providing better side by side viewing.

However, the resolution is classified as per their pixel counts by measuring vertically and horizontally. Nowadays, the most common display resolutions are UHD 4K with the highest price, 1080p, FHD, 710p, and HD with the least high priced.

Screen Size 

The drawing laptop needs a bigger screen size. Therefore, you should need to look for its dimensions, which comprise a width, depth, and height.

You might think that the screen size is measured between the length of the left corner to the right corner. But you are wrong. The size of the screen is measured diagonally. Surprised? Yes. The screen size includes measurement from the bottom left to the top right corner without bezels.

Moreover, the screen sizes available from 10.1 to 17.3 inches. You have a substantial screen size with a variety of aspect ratios. But the standard aspect ratio is 16:9 to get a more comprehensive view.

Operating System

After deciding display, now you should also consider the operating system. Did you know that an OS enables the essential functions with the co-ordination of both software and hardware? It comes with pre-loaded in a machine that runs the computer. It determines in which environment you have to work in.

So an OS provides a connection between software to hardware to connect. There are lots of OS to choose from. Some of them are pretty straightforward to handle, while others required a steeper learning curve, which is annoying anyway.

However, here are the most common and easy to use Operating Systems that are available for the best laptops for drawing. These include:

  • Windows

At present, the most common OS is Windows, which is developed by MS. There are lots of Windows versions available, and the latest one is 10.

 The best thing about this OS is, it is readily available, and the more chances are that many laptops came with pre-install windows. It lets you get rid of how to install Windows. Regardless of Windows versions, all of them have intuitive GUI.

Moreover, there are lots of programs that are written primarily for windows. This way ensures that you are getting a perfect solution that is easy to use.

Furthermore, many android devices are compatible with Windows. Overall, the Windows OS more popular as compared to other OS.

For drawing laptop, Windows OS is a good option.

  • Mac OS

The second choice you have is MacOS, which comes with only Apple Laptops. It also has a simple user interface compared to Windows, but fewer people are using it due to the high price.

For security, the OS is unbeatable. There are not tons of software programs work with MAC OS, but it helms both software and hardware aspects of a laptop.

Other than that, it can optimize the best laptops for drawing specifications to provide efficient integration. Also, it ensures ease of multitasking. It lets you create and organize your work more efficiently. Indeed, it will be worth its price.


Either getting a laptop for drawing or any other thing, performance matters the most. It depends on the features that a laptop offers. Three main factors play an essential rule in performance. These are the processor, RAM, and Storage.

If you are getting a high processor, then you can do more computations and high speed for multiple operations. Large RAM means multiple tasking quickly. Lastly, Storage (wither SSD or HD) means to read and write data quickly if you get big.

To make points more practical for the best laptops for drawing, you have to consider these features.

The 4 GB RAM is efficient for those who have to work with browsing, watching, streaming, or doing light tasks with light software. It is budget-friendly as well. So you can get 4GB RAM if your usage is comprised like that with 128 GB of SSD.

However, the 8 GB of RAM with 256 GB of SSD is considered for a bit intensive works. Having these specs for best laptops for drawing would be fit your bill. Also, it assists you in editing videos and works on different projects with multiple windows at the same time.

Furthermore, if you are dealing with heavy-duty software for drawing or a professional editor that you need higher performance to meet your needs. Whether it is rendering and video editing, graphic design work, or animation or running intensive apps, you should get a laptop with a minim of 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of Storage.


The processor is another important thing that you should look at when buying a laptop. Getting a processor with fast speed and number cores is never required anything else. But here is a factor that you should keep in mind. It is a laptop with fast speed, but fewer cores mean fewer working/tasking and average speed. On the other hand, more cores with less speed mean that you are working at a slower pace. So which processor is suitable for you. Before making a decision core vs. speed, let go through which processors are most popular in the market.

Core i3: This processor is best to regularly do necessary tasks, including HD viewing, 4K, and 360 degrees.

Core i5: want to do both personal and business tasks? You should get core i3 with high speed and more core so you can get excellent responsiveness.

Core i7: The most suitable choice for intensive working, multitasking, and demanding games.

Atom/Celeron/Pentium: have a lower budget? Then go for essential everyday tasks with this type of processor to do browsing, surfing, streaming, and light office work.


Getting high Storage also enhanced the performance level. The Storage includes two parts, such as RAM and ROM. The RAM with a large amount lets you get a smooth experience. With more RAM, you can carry multiple tasks at the same time in a smooth manner seamlessly.

You can start with 8 GB of RAM and 264 GB of SSD. SSD storage is offering fast speed to get your works done. On the other hand, HD is also providing space to store your data, but it is not as fast as SSD. But 2 TB of HD is a better option to start with.

Port Connection

A laptop without ports may be annoying for you sometimes. Both connectivity and portability let you get a great experience. When it comes to port connections, you have to identify the right connectivity options, so these are below.

  • USB 

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, which allows us to transfer data with compatible devices. IT includes the printer, cameras, external hard drives, scanners, smartphones, and other peripheral devices.

  • Card Reader 

When it comes to the card reader port, it reads data from the memory card and writes on it.

  • HDMI

for the transmission of both audio or video content, the HDMI port is best for you.

  • VGA Port 

For the connection of monitors and projectors, the VGA port is compatible.


Warranty is also one of the most considerable aspects when it comes to the best laptops for drawing. You should get a warranty for over two years possible. But it is also enough if a product offers a minimum of 1 year’s warranty. There are so many brands that are offering a reasonable warranty so you should look at them.

Battery Life 

Last but not least, battery life is also needed to consider for the drawing laptops. A long battery life lets you away from the plugs. It is suitable for travelers or students. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of battery life so you can run both heavy and light apps with no worry.

Above all, these are the most critical aspects that you have to look at if you want a reliable and durable purchase. However, it is suggested that you consider your needs and budget limit before making a decision. I hope this detailed buying guide helped you more. Besides that, if you have any suggestions related to your drawing laptop, then we will be pleased to know that. You can comment in the following section right below. You are always welcome to our website.


How To Choose One Of The Best Laptops For Drawing?

Being an artist, I will recommend you to find it easier one so you can create drawings digitally on best laptops for drawing without any hassle. So convertibles, touchscreen with average to high specs are the best ones. You have to look at their dedicated graphics unit, fast RAM, large SSD, high performance, accurate and vibrant display, and durable battery.

Is The I5 Processor Best For Drawing Laptops Or I7?

When it comes to select a processor, you should start with i5. It is average for essential to average software. However, the i7 processor is best for intensive drawing because of its top-notch performance.

Regardless of your work, you should always consider the higher specs because it will enhance your productivity.

How Can I Draw On A Laptop Quickly?

For drawing, the foremost thing is to get a touchscreen. It lets you enter input with an external pen. There are so many laptops that are offering stylus so you can draw what your imaginations are.

Do I Need To Purchase An Expensive Laptop To Complete Drawing Requirements?

No, it is not that much important. You can get proper specifications in budget-friendly prices. There are so many higher professional artists, editors, and graphic designers that may be mainly about configuring their needs. This way is inexpensive instead of getting hefty budget laptops.

The Conclusion

Whether you are a professional artist or graphic designer, there are many factors to consider simultaneously getting the most out of a laptop. A laptop with a fast processor, high RAM and Storage, sufficient GPU, long-lasting battery, and individual display quality can give the optimal performance to get a smooth drawing experience. So in this regard, we have listed the best-selling options that fit your needs and budget. These models ensure you draw, doodle, and paint with the best features.

Having an in-depth review of the best laptops for drawing, now you have enough idea which one fits in your needs. Although all models have unbeatable performance, we prefer Microsoft Surface Pro, which is not offering ideal but also has a reasonable price.

However, if you have any questions, then you can comment below. We are always here for you, and thank you for visiting us!

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